GIJoeCon 2010!

CobraCon 2010!

2010 SouvenirsUpdate 5/06/2010 - Who's playing 'Mind Games'? You can now order our 2010 GIJoeCon Convention Program with Comic from the Club Store.

Also, we have added the remaining GIJoeCon Souvenir sets from the show...Click Here!

GIJoeCon 2010Update 4/30/2010 - Check out all the fun directly from Rhode Island at the GIJoeCon 2010 LIVE section of this site!

Souvenirs setsUpdate 4/29/2010 - We are pleased to present a photo gallery of all the great souvenirs sets from GIJoeCon 2010!

Paradrop Flint!Update 4/22/2010 - This year, Hasbro is sponsoring a private parachute drop for school kids to help promote the convention locally. Since Hasbro knew that the venue was not accessible to attendees, they wanted to make sure you were a part of this great event by giving you one of the limited edition FLINT figures that will be used at the drop. These will be handed out to everyone with a convention badge who attends either of the. two presentations given by Alan Hassenfeld on Friday morning in the Narragansett Ballroom at the Westin.

The figures will be distributed at the conclusion of Mr. Hassenfeld's presentation and are allocated one per attendee. Thanks to all of the fans who sent in questions for this once-in-a-lifetime event! Here is "Para-Drop" FLINT...Click Here!

Norman JacquesUpdate 4/19/2010 - Completing our Special Guest roster will be...Norman Jacques! He was the Director of Packaging and worked at Hasbro for over forty years...Click Here!

Also, here is the 2010 Show Schedule and the Seminar & Panel descriptions for the Rhode Island Convention Center.

Larry SelmanUpdate 4/14/2010 - The next Special Guest added to our roster is GIJoeCon artist...Larry Selman. His artwork has appeared on many 12-Inch G.I. Joe: Classic Collection packages, as well as providing the artwork for several GIJoeCon box covers...including the AT set this year...Click Here!

Mark W. BellomoUpdate 4/13/2010 - Heading towards the final weeks, we have our next Special Guest at the show...Mark W. Bellomo! He has written articles on various toys and collectibles for many magazines over the years - along with the first and second editions of The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe: 1982-1994...Click Here!

Virginia Perry GardinerUpdate 4/06/2010 - Our next Special Guest at the show is...Virginia Perry Gardiner! She worked at Hasbro sculpting the heads for the 12-inch G.I. Joe: Foreign Soldiers of the World line and the "Action Girl" concept...Click Here!

Ask Alan - Q&A!Update 4/05/2010 - With this year's G.I. Joe Convention taking place in Providence and Pawtucket, RI, you are afforded the rare opportunity to contribute to a Q&A session at the panel discussion with Alan Hassenfeld, former Chairman of the Board, present Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hasbro, Inc. and part of the long-time G.I. Joe history.

The Q&A session will be structured and not an open mic-type forum. We are asking you to submit one (1) question for Mr. Hassenfeld. From the pool of submissions received, a limited number of questions will be chosen and presented to Mr. Hassenfeld during the panel discussion.

Q&A Session has been completed - thank you!

Alan HassenfeldUpdate 4/02/2010 - We are extremely excited to announce our Special Guest of Honor: Alan Hassenfeld! He is the former Chairman of the Board and present Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hasbro, Inc. Make sure you sign up for the Hasbro Tour, so you will be able to hear Alan Hassenfeld's personal story.....Click Here!





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