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Steve D'AguannoUpdate 4/01/2010 - Our next Special Guest at the show is...Steve D'Aguanno! He worked at Hasbro as a sculptor in the R&D department during both the 12-inch Adventure Team and 3 3/4-inch Real American Hero eras of G.I. Joe. Read more about his work.....Click Here!

Janet Downing TaylorUpdate 3/25/2010 - We're continuing to fill the roster with our seventh Special Guest at the show...Janet Downing Taylor! She worked in the Product Development Department, which was directed by Don Levine. Janet was part of the original team to design and develop the first 12-inch G.I. Joe.....Click Here!

Sam PetrucciUpdate 3/23/2010 - Our sixth Special Guest at the show is...Sam Petrucci! His talent is showcased in many of the original 12-inch product packaging, including the Green Beret, Deep Sea Diver, Action Soldiers of the World and many, many others.....Click Here!

Spy Island - complete setUpdate 3/22/2010 - Now...we are pleased to present the full box contents of the 12-inch Adventure Team: Escape From Spy Island convention set...Click Here!

Spy Island setUpdate 3/18/2010 - We have added more images of the special gear included in the 12-inch Adventure Team: Escape From Spy Island convention set...Click Here!

Ron RudatUpdate 3/16/2010 - We are very pleased to announce our fifth Special Guest at the show: Bob Prupis! He established the Boys Toy Division at Hasbro and eventually became Vice President of that group. Bob was directly responsible for the reintroduction of G.I. Joe as a 3 3/4-inch product in 1982 and “The Transformers” line in 1984....Click Here!

Spy Island SetUpdate 3/15/2010 - We have added an image of the 12-inch Man Of Action figure geared up with "some" of his equipment, mission raft and trusty robotic S.H.A.R.C. from the Adventure Team: Escape From Spy Island convention set...Click Here!

Sam SpeersUpdate 3/10/2010 - We've added another Special Guest to the roster. The original design engineer for the 12-Inch G.I. Joe action figure...Sam Speers...Click Here!

Also, we have added a GROUP SHOT of the entire RED SHADOWS Box Set of fifteen figures!

2010 RAH SetUpdate 3/08/2010 - Now that you have seen all the 3 3/4-inch figures in the RED SHADOWS set - we are proud to show the full 2010 "Vacation In The Shadows" display box artwork, featuring the hunt for FLINT...Click Here!

Ron RudatUpdate 3/05/2010 - We are very pleased to announce our third Special Guest at the show: Larry Hama...the original writer of all the G.I. Joe & Cobra character filecards and Marvel G.I. Joe comic book series. Find out what projects he is currently working on with IDW...Click Here!

InterrogatorUpdate 3/03/2010 - The final figure reveal in our 3 3/4-inch RED SHADOWS box set is the man with a sinister plan - the mysterious COBRA INTERROGATOR...Click Here!

Ron RudatUpdate 3/01/2010 - We are very pleased to announce our second Special Guest at the show: Ron of the original action figure designers for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero! He will have some of his early figure concept designs and original artwork at the show...Click Here!

Spy Island SetUpdate 2/24/2010 - We have added a second image gallery for the 12-inch Adventure Team convention set preview of the box contents...Click Here!

Kirk BozigianUpdate 2/23/2010 - We are very pleased to announce our first Special Guest at the show: Kirk Bozigian...the original product manager for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero! Get a true history lesson and read about all his exciting projects...Click Here!

Red ShadowsUpdate 2/22/2010 - We return to our 3 3/4-inch figure previews with the RED SHADOWS TROOPER. You will get six of these army builder figures in the box set...Click Here!

Spy Island SetUpdate 2/19/2010 - As a follow-up to our 12-inch Adventure Team convention set preview, we have started to add a gallery of images from the box contents...Click Here!

Spy IslandUpdate 2/17/2010 - We are now pleased to unveil the 12-inch Adventure Team convention set --- starting with a preview of the box artwork...Click Here!

FlintUpdate 2/13/2010 - Our next figure preview from the 3 3/4-inch RED SHADOWS box set is the man that just wanted to go on vacation --- G.I. Joe Warrant Officer: FLINT...Click Here!

Red TorchesUpdate 2/12/2010 - Here is the next preview of our 3 3/4-inch RED SHADOWS figures in the box set. You will get six new army builder Pyro-Troopers: RED TORCHES...Click Here!

Black MajorUpdate 2/11/2010 - We have now begun the previews of our 3 3/4-inch RED SHADOWS figures from the box set. The first one up is their Commander: The BLACK MAJOR...Click Here!

UpdateUpdate 2/10/2010 - Our General Admission and FAQ pages have now been added to the menu on the left.

UpdateUpdate 2/02/2010 - The 2010 GIJoeCon Brochure is now online! We have also posted the Registration and Dealer forms (see menu). Please email us any questions before you complete the forms and we will have a FAQ section on the site.

Cobra InterrogatorUpdate 1/29/2010 - We know each of you are anxiously awaiting the posting of the GIJoeCon 2010 information and registration forms. The forms have been finished since the first of this week but unfortunately, we have been waiting on confirmation of a very special event at the convention, so we cannot post them just yet.

So, we have decided to give you a sneak preview at the 3 3/4" Real American Hero convention set:

Our 2010 set features the return of the classic O-Ring style action figures. Our first exciting reveal is the mysterious COBRA INTERROGATOR. This unique and exclusive figure will have a brand new head sculpt that includes a removable helmet for the first time ever!

(Although his identity is still safe for a image to see his filecard artwork!)

Update 1/07/2010 - For Shuttle reservations go to: Airport Taxi RI. Their shuttle costs $11
each way, leaves on the hour and arrives at the Westin Hotel 17 minutes after the hour.

Update 10/05/2009 - The 2010 Contest Guidelines and Sign-Up information have been added!

Update 9/23/2009 - The 2010 Convention Registration forms will be available in January!

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